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About Us

CreditKidz was created with one goal in mind of taking financial education directly to kids. In the current education system, we completely ignore teaching kids about finances and how to manage them. While we are absolutely ready to teach them science and maths that they may or may not use in future, we fail to teach them the most important subject that they will certainly need in their life. CreditKidz is designed to make teaching finance for kids easier and more accessible. With CreditKidz, the next generation will learn to understand finances and plan their future better at the comfort of their homes. 


Learn through Games

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The Adventures of Banking and Credit

Not just online courses, we also offer ebooks, that your kids can learn from. Buy the ebook on banking and credit specially designed for children today!

Have Questions?

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Savings begins at home

As a nation, we Americans are used to not worrying about our finances. With CreditKidz, you can teach your kids how to save and lead a financially stable life even when they are young. 


The Concept of Money

Banking system



What is CreditKidz

CreditKidz is an online learning platform dedicated to kids and teens to help them learn finances.

Is there any specific age for using CreditKidz?

CreditKidz lessons are designed for kids from 5-16. Anyone in this age group can learn with CreditKidz

Is CreditKidz too expensive?

Not really! You can start learning with as low as $99

Can I take the classes later?

Absolutely! You can enroll with us, and come back any time to resume where you left. 

Financial education is too difficult, can kids learn it?

Definitely! CreditKidz courses are designed for kids and teens. We have ensured the concepts are laid in simple terms for children to understand quickly! 


What Our Families are Saying

I like the whole concept of it. It’s different. My son enjoys it. If we could add more characters, have them talk about the bureaus in the tutorials, it would be awesome. Great job other than that!

CreditKidz has taught a lot to my 6 year old daughter. She is now asking questions about credit and has learned how to build credit.

So many kids know nothing about finances, this helps them get a foundation and a head start.